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From Outside In is your ultimate place to visit in case you're a home decorator fanatic and are looking for the perfect pieces to furnish your home.  You can choose the best designs to fill your residential space and give a sophisticated edge which is not only elegant but latest in fashion as well.  There is a wide vaariety of options to choose from, including not only inside home furnishings, but also decor for outside of your home, and From Outside In offers you everything you need at one platform.

Your home needs a theme and an aesthetic that creates a significant impression of you; which is why From Outside In has the best designers to design the latest decor and furnishings for your homes.  There is a wide variety of options you can choose from when decorating your home. These include:

Accent Pillows and Cushion Covers; nothing changes a look faster than changing your pillows and colors.  They will think you redid your home!  How simple is that?

Bedding and Bath: Bathrooms are a necessary part of your home, and it's even safe to say that these two mainly are your home.  So, the need for decorating and furnishing your bathroom and bed in a subtle yet creative way remains a priority when it comes to the setting of your house.  At From Outside In, you can choose creative and timeless bathroom furnishing and bedding options to create the aesthetic that you always wanted in your home.

Shelving and Storage:  Like all of our moms say, shelving and storage is extremely important to organize your home and keep it clean.  The more shelves you have, the more stuff you can organize and declutter your store or rooms.  Similarly, storage is also important to keep old things handy as well as to keep the extra stuff for later use.  With From Outside In, organize your home from the inside as well as the outside to give a clean and neat look.

Wall Decor:  Now you can choose your wall decoration to complete the aesthetic of your room, as well as to create a complete and finished look.  Wall decoration is a creative and useful way to cover your walls.  You can go for using wall stickers, sweet frames, vintage photos etc anything that you like.  Wall decor adds that wow factor to your room.

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If you have been paying attention and are of a certain age then you know the importance of the Trees, the Birds and the Bees. The Global Health of our planet is balanced by these and other elements of nature. Trees absorb CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) thus purifying the very air we breath. Trees support our lives. But I am sure that you know this. It is the Carbon Dioxide that traps heat in the upper atmosphere, now leading to rising temperatures and world-wide climate change. A recent Swiss study states that by planting 1.2 Trillion more trees would reverse 10 years worth of harmful emissions. These new trees would absorb about 200 Billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere. So the Value of trees is obvious. The answer to the problem is not so obvious. We need to plant trees. Plant them in the proper parts of the world, on an international basis. The US and several other countries have already signed up for Reforestation. We each need to do our part starting in our own yards. Plant some Flowering shrubs and Trees in your garden. The birds and the bees will thank you for it. This provides a two-fold reward. Your garden will be more beautiful, plus you get the beauty of attracting the birds and the bees to your home. If you haven’t done it lately, take the time to sit on your comfy outdoor chair on your patio and just watch the Birds. It’s can become a kind of Meditation when you can just sit, enjoy and be in the moment.

So get outside and get into your garden. Big or small it can all add up if we all get involved. Plant a tree, Hug a Bee. I couldn’t help it. Literary license and all.  And don’t forget the Sun screen….


Partial Summary from Kathleen Parker, The Journal Seneca, SC 7-25-19

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Most of our Global Climate Change can be solved by planting trees. Ok, so we need about a TRILLION new trees, this according to a recent Swiss study published in the journal SCIENCE. Is that so hard? What if each of us on the Earth planted say, five trees at our home or in our gardens. That would probably enough, and if not we would be in much better shape than we are now. We would surely be closer to that planetary sweet spot for environmental health. Another related problem is the disappearing BEE populations. This is a critical situation. They are essential to our survival. This is not fake news, this is very serious. But with all of the pollution, pesticides and fertiizers those cut little black and yellow workers and a lot of other bugs in the food chain are dying out at a alarming rate. Think about this fact: without bees, our ecosystems would collapse, and soon thereafter our food supply would disappear. I know this sounds apocalyptic, but this is a reality. We can all do our part to prevent this, so we need to think “Plant a Tree and Hug a Bee”. Plant trees and Save Bees. Since bees love Flowers lets all Make America Beautiful Again. Flowering bushes will make your home and street look better and it will smell better as well. So get into the Garden. Get out in the yard and do your part to help Save the World. Plant some Plants at your home and garden. Help the Bees by planting flowering bushes and trees in your garden and don’t forget the Sun-Screen….


Partial Summary from Kathleen Parker, The Journal Seneca, SC 7-25-19

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Q: What comes in Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, Red and Blue and is all over?

A: Bamboo.

Pardon my take on the old Newspaper joke. But as I learn more and more about Bamboo-the more I am passing along to you dear reader. This is a fascinating species to get to know. A long time friend of mine had this certain Bamboo that grew about 3 to 4 feet a day. You could sit and watch it grow! We had one that grew a sort of Pot-Belly shape that turned Red, it was called The Buddah Belly Bamboo. Amazing.. Besides the colors mentioned above Bamboo also comes in Stripes in just as many colors.

The Sleep set we recently got is beige in color, they probably don’t call it beige but I do, it just seems easier for me. Fitted sheets, Cover sheets, Light blanket ALL made with Bamboo and some other fibers. So soft and cozy. Like getting a soft hug-all night long. Lovely. And Beige. Beige helps me sleep better at night or sleep a little better at nap time. I don’t know what the original bamboo color was for my Sleep Set, but I am glad we ended up with the beige. I’ll have to ask my wife she knows where all this wonderful stuff comes from. She might know the actual color name of our set. Heck, She may even know where the Beige Bamboo Forest IS!

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In the areas of flora and fauna, I guess that one of Natures great gifts is the Bamboo Species of plants. There are at least 1,500 types that have been counted and more are discovered on a regular basis. First off you should know Bamboo is a grass and is the largest member of the grass family. They are indigenous to every continent, in every climate of the world. From the deserts to the arctic regions they grow and adapt. They grow several inches tall for groundcover or as small as a Bonsai plant and up to 100 feet in height. They have been around over 30 million years. Bamboo is highly revered and enjoyed by the Asian cultures and now many cultures the World over. So, if Bamboo has been around that long what kind of a Guarantee (Lifetime?) are they putting on our New Bamboo SHEETS. Have I mentioned the fabo-soft-luxury sheets. They are great. They just give you a soft hug all night long. I don’t know how something so hard and leafy can become something so soft and lovely. I have seen bamboo blinds, bamboo rugs, bamboo floor mats and bamboo floors. All of them stiff and woody, BUT NOT these Bamboo Sheets. In case I failed to mention it-they are Delicious! Who could ever guess or imagine the softness. The caress of it. Sheets and Blankets from Bamboo. Next you’ll be telling me they get Silk from gnarly little worms…


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