About Us

Welcome to From Outside In!  We have been married for 40 years and we have lived in 9 different homes!  We’ve redesigned all of them to our liking, and built our dream home (which was too big for the two of us.) We are now in our 9th home and gutted that one too!  In all that time, we've worked with designers that have impressed us with beautiful items that range from elegant to whimiscal.  So after 40 years of retail and wholesale sales and services success, we've learned a lot about customer satisfaction, so we thought internet retail sales would be a logical extension of our work skills.

Inside the Home: Area Rugs, Furniture (Accent/Arm Chairs, Coffee Tables, End TaPbles, Nightstands & Bedside Tables, Sofas, Sofa Benches)  Home Decor (Artwork/Sculptures, Fountains, Vases, Wall Decor), Lighting (Ceiling Light Fixtures, Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Pendants & Table Lamps) Mirrors (Accent Mirrors, Full Length Mirrors) & Wallpaper

Outside the Home:  Gardening, Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Lighting and Patio Furniture

We'll continually be on the lookout for great items and ideas for you!  The products we have chosen are things we would buy, use and enjoy in our own home.  

We are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We hope we can earn and keep your business.

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